the cook ladies

A few weeks ago my friend Laura called me to ask if I could take some photos of herself and her two little girls with her mom and her sister. Of course I was totally game and was ready to chat about what type of session she wanted to do. Laura not only has two little ones under the age of two, her sister is expecting a baby of her own and her mom is just beaming with joy with all of these grand babies, so I knew this would be a special session for these ladies. Laura and I decided taking photos of them all interacting at home was best and she was super prepared with lots of bubble fun for the kids. Laura’s mom really got down with the bubbles and I captured some of the sweetest moments of her and her grand babies together. My favorite part of it all though, was definitely the moment Laura’s baby spit up in her hand haha Nothing beats unexpected real moments and Laura’s expression is just priceless.